In January of 2017, I did the Whole30. This January I opted to again personally inflict this process on myself again. With twenty-four days to go, looking back at the process a year later gave me some interesting perspective. With six days days down, I find myself in the throngs of “resetting” everything. This morning … More Whole30


As a teacher I tend to keep time from school year to school year instead of year to year. Despite being in the throngs of another school year, today I pause and look back at what I know for so many was a year of ups and downs. For me personally, this year held some … More 2017

Book Jackets

I love books. The feeling of holding a book in my hands makes me giddy. I love the anticipation of a story about to unfold. You never know exactly what will be told in an unread book. Although I love a great book there’s one part of the book that I do not know exactly … More Book Jackets

How to Talk to Single People, A Guide for the Holidays

Last year I posted this blog right after the Thanksgiving holiday. Not because I had had some horrible experience, but because it was an issue that over the years I and many others often face around this time of the year. Tonight, I post this blog again, not to be sassy or facetious, but instead … More How to Talk to Single People, A Guide for the Holidays