Book Jackets

I love books. The feeling of holding a book in my hands makes me giddy. I love the anticipation of a story about to unfold. You never know exactly what will be told in an unread book. Although I love a great book there’s one part of the book that I do not know exactly … More Book Jackets

How Christoph Niemann’s Witty Art Challenges Me

One night I found myself sucked into a documentary series on Netflix’s titled The Art of Design. The eight part series followed artists in different fields as they discussed how they see the world through their craft. Though many others I know did not, I found it riveting. Glued to the ideas and creativity each … More How Christoph Niemann’s Witty Art Challenges Me


Y’all, I identify more than I should admit with the movie Moana. When they made it, I do not believe I sat within the parameters of their target audience. But I love this animated kids movie so much. Every time I watch Moana it brings me to tears. A fearless girl who does not always … More Moana

What I Learned from the Trash Can in the Produce Section

This past weekend I celebrated my nephew’s fourth birthday with ten small children and their families. Getting to watch the kid that made me an aunt grow into a real life person makes my heart want to explode with joy. The laughter, wonder, and excitement that filled my brother and sister-in-law’s home caused me to … More What I Learned from the Trash Can in the Produce Section

Time and Space

  As a child I spent what felt like every Saturday at a soccer field. My older brother played. I played. My younger sister played for one season. Anna and I played on the same team for her one season. She did not love it like the rest of us. The fact that one game … More Time and Space

Following Directions

As I prepare for parent teacher conferences, I realize “following directions” seems like a phrase I will utter a lot this week. At times this phrase will affirm a student who follows directions the first time, and other times “following directions” will mean an area of improvement for a student. Pray for me this week. … More Following Directions