The Shelf

In my apartment I have this shelf that holds all the things I can’t fit into the cabinets. It lives in the closet with our washer and dryer serving as a makeshift pantry. Now when I moved in, this shelf started to wobble more than usual. But alas, I salvaged it with some duct tape … More The Shelf

Listening vs. Arguing

The state of our collective existence is plagued with many major issues, but lately there is one I cannot shake. With the influx of connectedness as a society we seemingly forgot about the importance of humanity. We hide behind screens attempting to persuade each other. Social media and being connected is not a bad thing. … More Listening vs. Arguing

September 16, 2016

I honestly do not know what to do. I do not know how to respond or how to help. Ever since September 16th these two thoughts tumble with a low murmur through my brain. After every new trending hashtag of another life taken flashes for a week or two on my social media, I am … More September 16, 2016