Fall Break

Every month or so I try to make time for a grand adventure. This month one perk of teaching meant I got a fall break. Three days off amidst a very busy season of training and workshops, parent teacher conferences, and report cards was a welcome reprieve. Going into this school year I knew it … More Fall Break

Storm Season

  As I sit perched in my apartment watching the sun slip away below the horizon, billowing dark clouds overtake the fading light. Tonight, where I live prepares for the first big round of spring storms. Living in tornado alley comes with knowing how to read a radar with the the skills of a meteorologist, … More Storm Season


“I am not a sore loser. It’s just that I prefer to win. And when I don’t I get furious” Ron Swanson, Filibuster Episode, Parks and Rec   I am and have always been a sickly competitive person. I would love to say that I am  getting better or really growing to let it go, … More Butterflies

Fool’s View

Sometimes adventures unfold, and you can only laugh. What I now refer to as “that time we ended up at huge biker rally and camped on a trail in the forest” constitutes just that. My dear friend Becca planned a wonderful night of camping at Devil’s Den for my birthday. Thrilled to get away from … More Fool’s View