Wedding Season

As the season shifts from spring to summer another season starts to make a mark all over our calendars, wedding season. For a lot of us the save the date cards, invitations, and RSVP cards fill your refrigerator and mailbox. The beautiful photographs and carefully curated color schemes on each of the cards represent another … More Wedding Season


As a teacher I tend to keep time from school year to school year instead of year to year. Despite being in the throngs of another school year, today I pause and look back at what I know for so many was a year of ups and downs. For me personally, this year held some … More 2017

Book Jackets

I love books. The feeling of holding a book in my hands makes me giddy. I love the anticipation of a story about to unfold. You never know exactly what will be told in an unread book. Although I love a great book there’s one part of the book that I do not know exactly … More Book Jackets

How to Talk to Single People, A Guide for the Holidays

Last year I posted this blog right after the Thanksgiving holiday. Not because I had had some horrible experience, but because it was an issue that over the years I and many others often face around this time of the year. Tonight, I post this blog again, not to be sassy or facetious, but instead … More How to Talk to Single People, A Guide for the Holidays

Continuing a Legacy

This weekend my family gathered in one place with a few friends to celebrate my mother’s sixtieth birthday, or what she says is her “30+30 birthday.” Do not hate me, but I myself am not a huge birthday person. I personally do not make a big to do about my own birthday. I don’t know … More Continuing a Legacy