Roller Coasters

Can all of life boil down to fear? This past summer I went to spend some time in Missouri with my brother’s family. They live near Silver Dollar City, an amusement park of sorts. This year they bought season passes, we took advantage of them on my visit. And you know what, this became a … More Roller Coasters

The Shelf

In my apartment I have this shelf that holds all the things I can’t fit into the cabinets. It lives in the closet with our washer and dryer serving as a makeshift pantry. Now when I moved in, this shelf started to wobble more than usual. But alas, I salvaged it with some duct tape … More The Shelf

Following Directions

As I prepare for parent teacher conferences, I realize “following directions” seems like a phrase I will utter a lot this week. At times this phrase will affirm a student who follows directions the first time, and other times “following directions” will mean an area of improvement for a student. Pray for me this week. … More Following Directions