Y’all, I identify more than I should admit with the movie Moana. When they made it, I do not believe I sat within the parameters of their target audience. But I love this animated kids movie so much. Every time I watch Moana it brings me to tears. A fearless girl who does not always … More Moana

Jenga in the Dark

  After the last day of school, shout out to summer break, my roommate and I were hanging out at home while we waited to meet up with friends. Pretty content in our cozy little abode, we watched a spring storm blow in. The clouds billowed against the rapidly fading sunset. The rain pounded against … More Jenga in the Dark


As I sit here to write this today, I realize how much I do not want to put any of this on paper. But I also know how important and powerful penning these words to paper will prove. I love control in all of the forms it can manifest itself. But I also love to … More Recognition

Following Directions

As I prepare for parent teacher conferences, I realize “following directions” seems like a phrase I will utter a lot this week. At times this phrase will affirm a student who follows directions the first time, and other times “following directions” will mean an area of improvement for a student. Pray for me this week. … More Following Directions