Wedding Season

As the season shifts from spring to summer another season starts to make a mark all over our calendars, wedding season. For a lot of us the save the date cards, invitations, and RSVP cards fill your refrigerator and mailbox. The beautiful photographs and carefully curated color schemes on each of the cards represent another … More Wedding Season


Y’all, I identify more than I should admit with the movie Moana. When they made it, I do not believe I sat within the parameters of their target audience. But I love this animated kids movie so much. Every time I watch Moana it brings me to tears. A fearless girl who does not always … More Moana


Over Labor Day weekend I took a much needed trip to Richfield, Minnesota. Embarking on this journey has grown to a pilgrimage of sorts for my friends and I. For literal years we heard our friend Kris laud about the grandiose nature of the Minnesota State Fair. He told about the many delicious food options, … More Minnesota

What I Learned from the Trash Can in the Produce Section

This past weekend I celebrated my nephew’s fourth birthday with ten small children and their families. Getting to watch the kid that made me an aunt grow into a real life person makes my heart want to explode with joy. The laughter, wonder, and excitement that filled my brother and sister-in-law’s home caused me to … More What I Learned from the Trash Can in the Produce Section

Jenga in the Dark

  After the last day of school, shout out to summer break, my roommate and I were hanging out at home while we waited to meet up with friends. Pretty content in our cozy little abode, we watched a spring storm blow in. The clouds billowed against the rapidly fading sunset. The rain pounded against … More Jenga in the Dark


As I sit here to write this today, I realize how much I do not want to put any of this on paper. But I also know how important and powerful penning these words to paper will prove. I love control in all of the forms it can manifest itself. But I also love to … More Recognition

Moments of Greatness

As I wrap up my ninth year of teaching know that I need this blog post just as much as anyone reading this does. Amidst testing, spring fever, and the end of the school year inching closer and closer with each passing day teachers grow weary in April. Teachers, do not lose heart. Teaching is … More Moments of Greatness