House Plants and Heart Lessons

Keeping plants alive has never been my strength. This past school year I introduced plants into my classroom and my students kept them alive. Honestly, being responsible for all of those house plants this summer stressed me out!

I would not add “tending to a garden” or “green thumb” to my resume anytime soon. In fact, when I lived in a sweet little cute midtown house the flowerbeds were the bane of my existence.

Between myself and my two roommates, none of loved maintaining a yard. And to make matters worse, our landlord had beautiful gardens. She would even come over to maintain them on weekends. While I did not love to garden, I also felt bad when she would come over to find them a disaster.

The weeds would so quickly overtake the space covering the beautiful curated flowers. I would attempt to make time to pull weeds or water flowers. But every time I would start, I quickly got overwhelmed.

The invasive weeds would engulf a flower bed so fast. It felt like I was fighting a losing battle. I would just want to make it appear nicer before our landlord showed up. I just wanted to rip off the top part of the weeds so she wouldn’t know that we’d neglected her pretty plants for so long.

But I also know that every time I did that I did not actually fix the flower bed. I simply masked the problem.

How often do we live our lives like this? How often do we mask the deep lies we allow ourselves to believe or hide behind a seemingly manicured flower bed we know is riddled with the roots of weeds strangling the truth?

Our hearts are like gardens. If we neglect them for a long time and lie to ourselves, the maintenance will feel overwhelming. But if we simply mask the problem we won’t solve anything.

We have to seek to pull the lies, sin and beliefs that don’t align with what we know to be true out by the root. We have to put in the time necessary to truly have a manicured heart with Christ.

If you pull a few weeds a day instead of doing nothing, I found gardening to be a little bit more successful. A little bit.

Put in the work to truly seek truth in your life. And then fight to curate that truth to ensure your heart is set on the Lord alone.

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