Rear View Mirrors

Rear View Mirror

Growing up I spent a lot of time in the car. Whether we ran errands as a family, went to hundreds of thousands of practices or lessons for myself or my siblings, or road tripped cross country on Christmas Day when nothing is open I logged hours in the car.

I grew up thinking it was completely normal to pick up and drive eight hours to Austin, Texas from Tulsa developing quiet the threshold for what one might define as a “normal drive.” If it is around eight hours, I don’t think twice about the trek. I now realize this may not align with others view of normal.

I spent many hours of my life looking astutely out a car window. I remember how the fields on the way to my grandma and grandpa’s home in the country would wiz by and create a flurry of designs depending on where I looked in the window. I remember the time I saw zebras out the window and no one believed me until we drove back. I loved seeing the droplets of water race across the glass. I always cheered for the underdog. Always.

But something that always got my attention was watching the world I found myself in begin to disappear behind me in the rear view mirror. The view from where I just was flashed by and became something new.

When I got the chance to move to the front seat and drive I found myself loving to catch the view fade behind me in the small mirror in the middle of the windshield. It fascinated me to see the world move and change as I rushed through it. I loved seeing the world change around me and the newness challenged by what was to come in front of me. The limbo of two scenes always makes me think and ponder.

How often in life do we get stuck looking ahead or behind? We can’t drive without looking in all directions as we navigate the road ahead of us. We somehow have to balance where we look checking all of our blind spots to move forwards.

In life we move through seasons and circumstances. Some fast and sometimes painstakingly slow. At times in life it may feel like we are simply driving back and forth on the same highway every day. Or that we are walking on the same path over and over again. But no matter the changes, the twists, the turns, we must simultaneously look forwards and backwards.

We need to relish both the beauty of the setting sun and stand in awe of how the sky turns to dusk. If we just watch the sunset and forget to see the stars, we miss the beauty in the shift. And there’s so much beauty to experience in the change from one phase or season to the next.

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