Here’s Your Chance, Oklahoma


The mantra “we will remember in November” rang through facebook and on social media platforms mid April in Oklahoma, and we will remember in November. But Oklahoma, we must also remember this Tuesday, June 26th.  

In April, school districts across the state closed in an effort to demand a sustainable budget for our state that funds education and other core services. Oklahoma made headlines as teachers, parents and citizens flooded the state capitol to meet with legislators and mobilize.

The momentum from the teacher walkout has continued for many Oklahomans. From organizing campaigns, canvassing neighborhoods, holding forums, having conversations with others, helping others make sure their voter registration is updated and more.

Oklahoma, here is our chance.

Tuesday we can show up at the polls and use our vote to evoke change. We can make our voices heard by researching and filling out a ballot. We can right the ship.

Oklahoma, we are broken. We have the highest incarceration rate in the nation, our education system is woefully underfunded, our tax codes are antiquated, our economy depends on one industry – it appears bleak.

But, we know what Oklahoma and the people who reside here are capable of. We know who we are and who we can become. Together we can take a step towards electing qualified candidates who will work to make Oklahoma a better place for all people.

Before going to the polls to vote in the primaries, do your research. We do not need to remove everyone! Many of our elected officials work tirelessly to advocate for the Oklahoma we know we can create.  

Before Tuesday,  find your polling place, look over the sample ballot, and research each candidate. Decide for yourself what you are looking for in your elected officials. And then, vote.

It may seem like just one vote doesn’t do anything, like it is a waste of time. But it is not. Each and every vote matters. Each and every vote can make a change.

So on Tuesday, model for your children, your friends, and your family and go vote. Make it a field trip. Offer a friend a ride. Show you are here to continue what we started in April.

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