The Washing Machine

This week’s blog post is brought to you by all things adulting.

Being an adult is hard.

Instead of focusing on thinking through something to say this week, I instead did things like return my very overdue library books, grocery shopped, meal prepped, changed my license plate that was very expired, and lesson planned for the upcoming week.

What I did not do, laundry. Why, well because my washing machine broke last week.

Now, I have a very cush living situation that I am extremely grateful for. I recognize that I am very blessed and humbled to live where I live.

But I was very annoyed when my washing machine stopped working on Monday night.

In honor of President’s Day I did not have to work. My plan was instead to do all of those adult tasks I had put off and let pile up. I started with making breakfast as any grown adult who did not have to set an alarm would do. Then I cleaned a bit and started laundry.

My washing machine has always been a bit of a novelty, but it works. When it goes into its spin cycle it feels like a small earthquake as it initiates what I can only describe as a launch sequence, though it never takes off. We have a love hate relationship, but that stackable Maytag always comes through. If the lights flash or it stops mid-cycle, I can always fidget with it and get it back on track.

Monday, that all changed.

I started my first load of laundry only to discover it stopped with all of the water still inside. Being the stubborn and resourceful person I am, I read the manual about twelve times and watched at least twenty-six YouTube videos. Throughout my time on the floor of the small laundry room, I was right where I started. Though, I had flooded the floor twice, used all of the towels and sheets I had and kicked the apparatus more than once. But the washing machine still sat there full of water and flashing the ominous A-10 error.

The dreaded code.

I did everything everyone told me to do. But nothing changed.

But this scenario happens in life all the time. I grow frustrated when I do everything correctly and don’t get what I want. I wonder why my life does not look how I think it should even though I followed all of the steps. I wonder why my washing does not work when I followed all of the directions.

In my frustration I forget three important things.

First, I forget sometimes life and our walk with Christ is not outcomes based. Life is not fair. We do not always get what we want just because we think we followed the directions. Just because I read the directions and did what they said, I could not fix the washing machine. I did everything, but I could not make it work. Sometimes, checking off all of the boxes and executing the instructional plan does not produce the expected outcomes we want. And that is okay.

The second thing I forgot in my attempt to fix the washing machine is time does not fix everything. Throughout my entire Monday off I tried to fix this washing machine. I tried again on Tuesday. I kept moving switches, twisting knobs, turning the machine on and off, flooded the floor twice, but I could not fix it. I wiggled things for twenty minutes and then walked away thinking maybe it just needed time to work itself out and then it would work. But every time I came back it was the same thing. It still did not work. A lot of times in life time does fix things, but not always. In life some things need action, and time. Time can help healing, but we have to do the work. Which brings me to the last thing this ordeal brought me to realize.

Lastly, I realized I need to ask for help. I have a lot of pride, I’m working on it. I spent far too long attempting to fix this washing machine alone. What I needed to do was ask for help, but I did not want to do that. I wanted to fix it on my own. I eventually had to admit defeat and ask for help from my landlord. In life, I have to do the same thing. I have to ask for help with my washing machine and in my life. And you know what, asking for help is not a bad thing.

When I asked for help, my landlord (eventually) stepped in and will now fix my washing machine. It has been inconvenient, frustrating and taken more time than I wanted, but in the end I will be able to do my laundry again. And that is really all I wanted. Bonus, I also got some great (and somewhat annoying) reminders about life along the way.


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