Psych and Baby Showers


Our most current picture together shall live in infamy. This was taken at HEB on a wild and crazy Saturday night together. Coffee three of us can’t get where we live was literally priority number 1. No shame at all.

One may wonder what an old cable tv show and baby showers have in common, but that is why I am writing this. So, keep reading and hopefully you will find out.

Recently, as in over Winter Break, I rewatched the show Psych about a guy who pretends to be a psychic detective to solve crimes. Full disclosure, I just really like this show. The characters are quirky and yet somewhat believable, somewhat. The dialogue flows rhythmically, the characters develop with wit and depth, and the pop culture references rival Gilmore Girls. Because I knew the show pretty well, I started re-watching at season three. After I made it all the way through faster than I would like to admit, I decided to go back to season one.

Pretty much sums up our friendships.

The juxtaposition of the story in season one next to the end of the story made me pause. Honestly, season one of Psych is pretty obnoxious. But as I sat and watched I realized the context of season one set the series up to grow. I needed the parts of the story I did not like or understand in order to view a more complete story.

Close to me finishing the show entirely, I flew to Houston for a reunion with wonderful friends. I went down to reunite with three of my favorite people from college. The list of my favorite people from college is long, but these three girls sit near the top. One of my friends was having a baby shower which gave us an excuse to get together. Something we do not do often.

In college it seemed we were tethered at the hip. We spent so many nights laughing and crying, watching movies, enduring really bad haircuts and fashion choices, and doing random weird things college kids find entertaining. These were my people. These were the girls movies and tv shows make you think you should have. And for three years of college we relished our friendships.

Now, life happens. Graduations, marriages, jobs moving people around, babies, break-ups, and everything in between scattered us along major interstates. Each of us knows the value our friendships hold. That is not in question. But as a unit we are not what we once were, and that is okay.

As I stood at the baby shower looking around, I saw all of the many faces that came to celebrate my friend. They spanned many different seasons of her life from neighbors growing up to current women in her small group. Each of us was connected to her in a different way. Though our relationship and interactions unique. Standing there made me think about our stories.

Each of us has a story. And each of our stories has seasons we probably want to skip, like season one of Psych. But what I realized in that open concept living room dining room in Houston was the importance each season holds in our life.

In each season we have the ability to connect with people. Each of those people may be drastically impacted by us or we may be forever changed by them. Sometimes it goes both ways.

giphy (1)

Our stories reach beyond us no matter who you are or think you are not. Even the parts we want to skip. All of those characters, memories, and themes weave together to create a story with true depth. The complete story your life tells is unique. Your story may weave together with other characters, but it is yours.

So tonight, I am sitting and thinking about my story in its entirety. Even the hard parts I want to ignore, and the really bad hair, and ill fitting jeans. I want to know how all of the parts of my story weave together. I may never know, but I know there is merit in sifting through my story to find the themes and story arcs. What is the beauty in the seasons I want to skip? What is my story saying about me and others?

Y’all can’t get rid of me, you know too much.

I challenge you to look at your story and the characters woven into it. What is your story saying? What do you want it say?

One thought on “Psych and Baby Showers

  1. Awesome Story. Thanks for sharing. Your full story is still being written. Keep it up. Those are great girls to go through life with…..


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