Book Jackets


I love books. The feeling of holding a book in my hands makes me giddy. I love the anticipation of a story about to unfold. You never know exactly what will be told in an unread book.

Although I love a great book there’s one part of the book that I do not know exactly how I feel about. The book jacket. I both love and hate book jackets. Sometimes I use the book jacket as a bookmark and I love it. Other times, the book jacket falls off and becomes like an unfoldable map I will never get returned to the book. You see, love hate.

I asked around to see how other people felt about book jackets. Some people loved them. Some hated them. My dad said that he liked book jackets because they sometimes give you information about the author that is not in the book. My friend said she always takes them off to read the book because she doesn’t want the book jacket to get ruined or curled up. And one person told me they liked the book jacket because without it the book would get cold.


I for some reason, could not stop thinking about book jackets and my feelings about them.

The book jacket is usually flashy and colorful. The actual book cover is usually a solid color or simple. The only writing on the book is usually on the spine. A simple title and author stamped down the spine. Maybe a publisher’s name as well.

The jacket tries to entice you and pull you in. Let’s be honest, we all judge a book by the cover.

But the book jacket doesn’t tell you the whole story. It guards the real meat of the story. You don’t know the ups and downs, the turns and plot twists a story holds without reading through the book. The jacket masks the true beauty of a story.

You have to open the book to read the story.


In our lives we often only show others our book jackets. So often we live in fear of telling others our story. We only put the highlights and the parts that make us look good on display for others. In our lives, we often only show the book jacket in fear of taking off our mask and truly telling our story. But there comes a time when the book jacket curls at edges and wears down. Our job becomes keeping the book jacket protected instead of enjoying the story. We don’t read every book. Everyone doesn’t need to know all of your story, but those willing to invest the time to read the story, share it with them.


We also often judge others by their book jackets instead of hearing and working to understand their story. It is tempting to think you know the story or can predict what will happen based on the synopsis on the book jacket, but we will never fully understand the story unless we take the time to read it. Books can be like people. We have to get to know the people in our lives instead of simply looking at their book jacket and thinking we know the their story.

Books and story go far beyond the page. So whether you leave the book jacket on, use it as a bookmark or take it off, read the book. Know the story written on the pages. Tell the story written on the pages. Don’t get distracted by the flashy covers.


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