A Repost of sorts

After spending a beautiful, albeit alarmingly cold, weekend at YoungLife’s Clearwater Cove washing dishes for about 150 high school kids and their leaders, I’ve yet to write a blog. So instead I leave you with this: serving is a beautiful, messy, hard, exhausting, necessary, humbling thing.

I’ve sat around the table at Camp as a leader, but I’d never stood in the back washing every dish used. I know the emotions and effort it takes to form a connection with a high school kid, and I knew others worked tirelessly to serve us. But this weekend made it real.

As dish, after dish, after dish, came through the Hobart there in pits, I looked out the window and saw the leaves changing on the trees. And since my life is the children’s book If You Give a Mouse a Cookie my mind ping pinged around from topic to topic almost always returning to those trees.

So tonight, with tired feet and dry hands, I leave you with my love of trees and all their vast symbolism. I will be back in full force next Sunday with all those thoughts from this weekend.


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