Fall Break


Every month or so I try to make time for a grand adventure. This month one perk of teaching meant I got a fall break. Three days off amidst a very busy season of training and workshops, parent teacher conferences, and report cards was a welcome reprieve.

Going into this school year I knew it would prove more demanding than others. So I plotted out a few trips here and there to look forward to throughout the year. For fall break I knew I would venture up to Portland, Oregon to see some great friends who moved back home and explore the pacific northwest.

On Wednesday I hopped on a plane and jetted to Portland after a very busy stretch of life exhausted, but elated. I spent those gloomy gray rainy days laughing, hiking, trekking, eating and exploring Powell’s books. We went from clomping up enormous sand dunes in what felt like 45 mph winds and rain that seemed to fall in an upward motion to wandering markets in downpours and playing board games late into the night. We even completed the Hot Ones Challenge, but I am not ready to talk about it yet. Just watch it on youtube and you will begin to understand… 

This picture does not do this sand dune justice. The slope was much more daunting. Plus, that small shape up there is a person….

I left for Oregon depleted and in dire need of a break. I returned home today tired and a little sore, but refreshed and renewed. Spending time with friends that just get you leaves you that way.

IMG_2096 (1).JPG

Sometimes, our bodies and souls need to sit on the sofa alone and not move for three days. But sometimes we need to get on a plane and get away. We need to go explore somewhere different and run ourselves ragged touring in the time frame allotted.


As I look at the long and again exhausting list of things for me to do this week it is hard not to long for the escape of a far off adventure. But that is thing about big grand adventures. You can find them in mundane everyday tasks to the cross country journey. “Adventure is out there,” according to Up! We just need to look for it and relish all of it’s forms.

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