A Repost of sorts

After spending a beautiful, albeit alarmingly cold, weekend at YoungLife’s Clearwater Cove washing dishes for about 150 high school kids and their leaders, I’ve yet to write a blog. So instead I leave you with this: serving is a beautiful, messy, hard, exhausting, necessary, humbling thing. I’ve sat around the table at Camp as a … More A Repost of sorts

Fall Break

Every month or so I try to make time for a grand adventure. This month one perk of teaching meant I got a fall break. Three days off amidst a very busy season of training and workshops, parent teacher conferences, and report cards was a welcome reprieve. Going into this school year I knew it … More Fall Break

How Christoph Niemann’s Witty Art Challenges Me

One night I found myself sucked into a documentary series on Netflix’s titled The Art of Design. The eight part series followed artists in different fields as they discussed how they see the world through their craft. Though many others I know did not, I found it riveting. Glued to the ideas and creativity each … More How Christoph Niemann’s Witty Art Challenges Me


Y’all, I identify more than I should admit with the movie Moana. When they made it, I do not believe I sat within the parameters of their target audience. But I love this animated kids movie so much. Every time I watch Moana it brings me to tears. A fearless girl who does not always … More Moana