A Life of Interruptions

A few years ago I heard Bob Goff speak at a banquet. I had heard him speak a few times before that banquet because he is just so good. I admire his perspective on Christ and his infectious joy. 

Bob Goff authored a book titled Love Does. This book seems almost too simple at times and yet it holds radical truth. His mantra is to love God and love people.


Beyond his infectious joy, Mr. Goff tells a great story. Filled with stories of elaborate pranks, insane adventures and some of the most entertaining quips, Love Does is a great read. But what separates his book from others is the way he ties each of his stories to the truth of Christ.

And also that his actual phone number is listed at the end of the book. If you call, he will answer. I’ve seen it happen.

After hearing him speak at that banquet some of my friends and I went to chat with him. We waited as he talked with others first. Once it was our turn, one of my friends asked how he managed to answer his phone when random strangers call throughout the day. What he said stuck with me.

“You know I think that’s how Jesus lived His life. Full of little interruptions.”

Mind blown.

I am sure it is not convenient for Bob Goff to stop and answer his phone. I’m sure it is not convenient for him to stay after speaking and talk to people. I’m sure it is not convenient for him to go out of his way to be with people in the way the stories from his book show he does. But that is what Jesus did. Because of Jesus, Bob Goff aspires to do the same.

Jesus did not focus on productivity or convenience. He didn’t seem to stress or rush from one thing to the next. Jesus presumably did not have a to-do list to get through. He did not let a surprise experience throw a wrench in his day. 

When a woman pushed through a crowd to be healed, He stopped to talk to her . He stopped on His way to Jerusalem to heal lepers.  He talked with the woman at the well when others would not. Even the birth of Jesus was inconvenient, but so perfect.  

I still think a lot about what Bob Goff said that day. When I look at my life I don’t want to be the person who efficiently ran from activity to activity. Instead, I want to be the person who takes the time to know others. I want to make the time to be a vessel for the unfailing, unending, unconditional, unfathomable love of Christ. I want to be the person who “oozes Jesus” to others as Bob Goff says.

So often I get caught up in what needs to get done, and I miss the point. I often miss the opportunity to know others and provide the space for them to be known. I feel interrupted instead of seeing the opportunity to love people well.

This week I am making a point to flip how I view being interrupted. Instead of feeling inconvenienced, I’m going to view it as an opportunity to be with someone. Instead of feeling my life has been interrupted, I want to start observing moments to serve others with no expectation or expected outcome. This will be really hard for me. Slowing down in the moment is not easy, but I think in the end it will prove worth it.

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