Appraising Our Worth

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Talking with a friend this weekend I realized a lie we so often believe. We assess our worth like we appraise a house. Think about it.

When you look for a house they fall into categories; new and shiny, cosmetic repairs, or complete remodel. I find I view myself in this way. I want to be good enough for (fill in the blank). As my friend and I talked, the conversation sounded as if we were each appraising our own worth using those three categories.

Y’all, that is a lie.

Our worth is not like a house. God does not buy us at a low cost, remodel us and then reappraise. To Him we are always a top of the line property. No matter if we are in complete disarray, He paid the ultimate price. No one else would buy a house at the cost He paid, the cross. But to Him, we are worth it all.

God remodels us to reflect Him.

Our worth doesn’t change through the process, it is always there. He is the architect. He sees what no one else can see. He sometimes strips a room down to the studs only to create a space we could not envision without Him. But as He continues to redesign spaces in our lives we begin to see the value He saw all along. We often cannot fathom what He is doing as He does it, but we must lean in and trust that what He is doing is beautiful. He builds us each up in ways we don’t see coming.

Each building, each person He designs reflects Him. Each one looks different and unique. None of the remodeled can compare to each other. No matter how much we want our remodel to reflect another’s remodel God orchestrates refining each of us in our own way.

Rest in knowing your worth lies in Christ alone.

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