My Own Personal Pintrosity Story

Let’s talk about Pinterest for a moment. My feelings run deep about this virtual world of ideas. When it first popped up I found it annoying. As a creative and somewhat artistic person to me Pinterest felt like the death of creativity. Everyone all of sudden had the same wedding, artwork, and cute wall displays in their homes. It irked me.

Then, then I discovered the beauty and fashion sections. World changed.

With what I feel manifests itself as refreshing openness, I will always admit I possess very little fashion sense or interest in the world of makeup and beauty things. Until events or showers or fun things where I want to get gussied up I stick to the exact same basic makeup and hair routine while I throw on a comfy tshirt and white converses. To top it off, my sister dresses me. I send her pictures from the inside the dressing room and then wait for her approval like a child. This setup makes me a very grateful person and I hope it never changes.

So needless to say, this section opened up a whole new world to me! I could learn to look like Lauren Conrad or recreate an adorable outfit with minimal effort. The part of me that loathed Pinterest grew silent.

One night my roommate was out of town so I decided to try what Pinterest called a hair mask in hopes to remedy my frizzy hair with household products I already had. What could go wrong?

If you never ended up on the website pinstrosity, I suggest when done here you head over there. A pinstrosity is when your Pinterest project does not turn out like the beautiful example even though you know you followed the steps. And yet, yours looks more like an atrocity than a Cookie Monster cupcake.

Back to my hair mask.

I gathered all the items I would need:

An egg
Coconut oil (a staple for Pinterest beauty)

My hair rivals Hollywood hair extension hair in its sheer volume and thickness. I work to not live my entire life in vanity, but I can be real vain about my hair. If I ever want to lose a few quick pounds, I get a trim and ask for the hairdresser to thin out my hair. No joke. How I did not see this experience would end up so poor for me, I do not know. I did hesitate at the idea of putting honey in my long thick locks, but why not give it a shot if it’ll smooth it out, right?

Now, my shower lacks some temperature control. Every time you turn it on the chance of the handle falling off sits at about 94%. It’s also either really hot or really cold. Again, how did I not see how this unfold?

I followed the directions for the hair mask with precision. I do not use precision in all that I do. I am more of a guesstimator of sorts. In this, I followed it to the tee. I poured the sticky mixture over my head. In that moment, I just knew.

After pouring it on I waited for the longest five minutes of my life. My mind ran through all of the scenarios I should have considered before putting this combination of things in my lush tresses. After the agony of time passing I began to attempt to wash it through my hair.

The honey began to clump up. I panicked. Turning the shower hotter I thought it would help the honey melt. It did. But the water also heated very quickly. So rapidly in fact I started feeling squishy clumps stuck all through my hair.

Running my fingers through the wet tangled mess I pulled one of the clumps out. In my hand I held a small piece of cooked scrambled egg.

Y’all, my hair was sticky, matted, and now filling with more and more small bits of scrambled egg with each passing moment I stood in the hot running water. Alone, panicking, and laughing so I didn’t cry, I just thought about how to add this to the world of crimes known as pinstrosities. I tried all of the ways I could think of to start to expedite the process of removing breakfast from my hair.

Sometimes in life we step out and try something new, and we scramble eggs on our head with no earthly idea how to get them out. It makes us not want to even think about about stepping beyond the comfort zone we know. Days staying in our lane feel better than combing honey and eggs out of our own locks. I get it.

We could easily spend our entire life comfortable. In his book Born a Crime Trevor Noah says, “comfort provides a floor but also a ceiling.” I want to live a grounded in Christ where there is no ceiling not on the lie of comfort. If we go our entire life without stepping out and trying something new then are we really capitalizing on the life in front of us?

With or without a known outcome, I challenge you to try something new. It may lead you to the perfect brunch coffee cake or you may end up with scrambled eggs in your hair. But even if your project fails, you can choose to learn and grow from it.

If you scramble eggs in your hair like me, you will get a good laugh while you also remind yourself of the chaotic beauty of jumping into something new without thinking about all the logical sequenced steps your analytical mind almost always methodically outlines before each move you make.
“That time I scrambled eggs in my hair” reminds me of the joy and freedom that lay before each of us in life’s successes and in life’s failures. Little bits of truth surround us even in the failure of scrambled egg bits falling from my hair.

Learn from my failure as I did, and do something outside of your skill set. Go forth and do something you do not usually do. See where it takes you. Don’t be safe, just use wisdom. And if you somehow scramble eggs in your hair, know you are not alone. And also, share it with me so I can laugh and learn with you too.

2 thoughts on “My Own Personal Pintrosity Story

  1. Dear Girl….I am laughing so hard you should be able to hear me. I have a cake mix story that is not a humorous as this, but the story sticks a fork in the ‘just follow the directions’ myth. A cake mix, for crying out loud. And then there was the time I learned about why you don’t bake in a sponge cake in a non stick pan….


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