How to Talk to Single People, a Guide for the Holidays

With holiday season in full swing, each of us now faces the opportunity to spend time with people we do not see often. Whether old friends at a holiday soirée or family at a gathering, in all honesty –  it can get awkward. To ease just a bit of the uncomfortableness the joyous season possess, … More How to Talk to Single People, a Guide for the Holidays

Trail Cairns

For fall break in 2014, I headed out with four friends to squat in the forest for a few days. Others with the ability to navigate planned what would happen and where we would go. One of the evenings we hiked along a trail with a name I can’t recall. It was a basic hike. … More Trail Cairns


If you asked me five years ago if I would ever get a tattoo on my body, with quick haste I would reply “no.” Now, a tattoo resides forever on my right wrist. The imprint of “enough.” forever inked on my wrist means I went through something difficult. I processed through the lies and pain … More Tattoos


In college one fall, I got stuck sitting at a drive thru in Stillwater, Oklahoma. This drive thru notoriously took forever. Sitting there just hoping the line will move so I can get my food, this tree caught my attention. I had seen this tree many times before, but this fall it struck me in … More Trees