Tv Stand

Sometimes it takes a silly first world problem for God to remind me how well He truly loves me. My roommate of five years moved out this summer, taking her tv stand with her, which provided me with the opportunity to buy something pretty and new. My new roommate and I began looking. I searched everywhere for a new tv stand. It had to fit the small space, which proved no easy task. Every time I thought I found the perfect one, it only existed in some strange color or sold out seemingly seconds before I began my purchase. Fed up with the process, I just ordered one from Target that would work. I didn’t love it, but I just wanted to be done. This tv stand fell into the “good enough” category. When it came it looked like this.


I took it out in hope that my good enough tv stand survived its tumultuous journey unharmed. I opened it simply expecting splintered particle board. The damage, though surprisingly not extensive, left me disheartened. I could probably live with most of the damage, but this one corner. This one corner looked like it had repeatedly dropped from at least three feet in the air, smashing it in. I contemplated if I could salvage it in some way. “Maybe with a little putty and a sander I could make it work,” I thought to myself, knowing it would backfire and cause me a huge headache while prolonging this process I only wanted to end. I called the very helpful and friendly customer service people to see if they had a replacement piece, fingers crossed. Two transfers later I learned the devastating news. No replacement part existed anywhere for my good enough tv stand. I truly considered just putting it together despite the obliterated corner and scratches. I didn’t even really like it, but I just wanted something so I could move on in my life and check this off of my list of things to accomplish.

Eventually, with my head hung low, I begrudgingly packed the tv stand I sort of liked back into its mangled box and shipped it back. I then spent a good three days pouting. Deeming this whole situation hopeless I accepted, much to my dismay, my tv would forever live on the coffee table. After my ridiculously unnecessary mourning period, I mean all of this centers on a tv stand, I looked again at the same old websites I browsed a hundred times. Then, it happened. There on my computer screen, on a website I searched hours many, many, many times before, sat the tv stand I designed in my mind. It listed the exact dimensions I needed. The color, perfection. The design fit perfectly with our apartment’s decor. I hesitated, fearing it, like the others, had already somehow sold out. As I scrolled down with one eye squinted closed, I held my breath. Like a magical unicorn, it existed. Even better, it shipped to me in a mere few days. My level of excitement about getting this tv stand should probably evoke some sort of shame, but believe me it does not. Upon its arrival, I put it together with great determination in an hour, which in itself feels like a miracle.

Sitting back I began to see just how through this stupid first world problem, God reminded me of the simple lesson I apparently keep forgetting. His best is so worth waiting for. God doesn’t want me or you to try and make something work. He doesn’t want us to force something, rush it or settle. He wants us to keep pursuing Him and trust what He has. Whether you find yourself wanting to force a new job, a new circumstance, a new city, a season or stage of life, stop and seek God. Take proactive steps where you are, but if you find yourself settling for good enough, stop. Do not settle. Instead, choose to lean into who God is. Choose to believe the word of God above all else. For me and my current season, I constantly remind myself I am not forgotten. I am not left behind. I am not some diseased single person who is cast off to the side –  I am precious. I am His. Single or not – He cares for ME. He purposed the seasons we find ourselves in, whatever they look like. I pray as we honestly seek God with our desires, He proves Himself in ways we can’t imagine. I pray you and I do not settle for good enough, but instead hold on for God’s best and His timing. It may not always look or feel like we want, but no matter where you find yourself today, hold fast and keep not settling. Trust me and my new tv stand, God will provide exactly what you need each and every time.

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